Transporting a map

The map and its accompanying materials come in large storage trunk about 41″ long, 22″ wide, and 21″ tall. The trunk weighs about 30 pounds with the map and all of its materials included in it. The trunk does have a handle and wheels, making it easily movable.

We want the shipping process to be flexible for everyone. Generally, teachers would coordinate a meeting place and time to hand the map off. We have a few other options as of now on how the map will be transported to each location.

  • You can chose to pick up the map and materials from the previous location. This is a good option if you are nearby to the previous location and don’t mind driving to it.
  • If close by, an alliance volunteer can pick up and transport the map to the next location or drop off the map to the renter at a specified meeting point.
  • **If a map renter chooses to have a map shipped to his or her school or organization, the responsibility of scheduling and paying for map shipment will be left up to the renter, not the Alliance.