National Parks BioBlitz

National Geographic and the National Park Service are partnering to sponsor BioBlitzes across the country. In a BioBlitz, teams of volunteer scientists, families, students, teachers, and other community members work together to find and identify as many species of plants, animals, microbes, fungi, and other organisms as possible. The cornerstone National Parks BioBlitz: Washington, D.C., will take place May 20–21, with more than a hundred concurrent BioBlitzes happening at national parks across the country. For more information, visit National Parks BioBlitz.

National Aquarium BioBlitz

In 2016, Maryland Geographic Alliance worked with the National Aquarium at Baltimore and Ann Strozyk of Howard County Public Schools in BioBlitz activities. The Aquarium held its BioBlitz at its research facility at Masonville Cove. More than 100 participants including scientists, naturalists, students, teachers, families and other volunteers found and recorded as many living plants and animals as they could. For more information, visit National Aquarium BioBlitz.

Howard County BioBlitz

Ann Strozyk of Howard County Public Schools and the Howard County Conservancy held two BioBlitzes at Belmont Manor and Historic Park in Howard County, Maryland. Both events attracted about 150–200 elementary and middle school participants who took a survey of Belmont’s plants and animals. For more information, visit the Howard County Conservancy Facebook page.

Pilot Workshop for World Cultures Teachers

In our interdependent world, the study of world cultures is vitally important. To enhance the professional development of middle school teachers, the Maryland Geographic Alliance will conduct a pilot summer workshop for world cultures that will focus on Asia. More information to come.

Baltimore Kids Neighborhood Mapping Project

In 2016, the Maryland Geographic Alliance worked with Baltimore City public school teachers on urban geography. The mapping project focused on teaching students to create a digital map of their school communities.

Agriculture in the Classroom Workshop

The Agriculture in the Classroom Workshop seeks to improve agricultural literacy. The Maryland Geographic Alliance is working with the Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation to support a workshop aimed at K-5 teachers. This summer, it will be held June 26-30. For more information, visit Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation.

AP Human Geography Workshops

AP Human Geography is one of the fastest-growing advanced placement courses. It is the equivalent of the Introduction to Human Geography taught at many colleges and universities. However, many teachers assigned to teach AP Human Geography have not had much geographic training. Fortunately, Maryland has a number of talented APHG teachers who have brought creativity and commitment to the task. The Maryland Geographic Alliance is working with a group of these teachers to create workshops and course content designed to help teachers effectively communicate the concepts in this course.

State Giant Traveling Map

The Maryland Giant Traveling Map brings hands-(and feet!)-on education to students with a roughly 20’x16′ classroom size map. The Maryland Geographic Alliance has sponsored a range of events featuring the map throughout the state. Stay tuned for more information.