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2017 Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Short-Term Program Applications Due!

February 15, 2017

Through the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Short-Term Program, U.S. K-12 teachers and educators can apply for grants to engage in collaborative projects for approximately 2-6 weeks abroad, with a preference for 3 or more weeks. Participants consult with and support schools, non-profit organizations, teacher training institutions, and other educational organizations abroad. This short-term program is offered in addition to the longer program, which is for a period of three to six months.

The grant award provides funding for program expenses while abroad, including travel costs, lodging, meals, local transportation, and related expenses. These grants give U.S. educators flexibility to participate in the Fulbright Program while meeting their teaching and professional commitments.

Grants for 2017 are available in Botswana, Colombia, India, Mexico, the Palestinian Territories, South Korea, and Vietnam. Click here to see more information on program opportunities.

Click here to view the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Short-Term Program informational flier.


Program Opportunities

Country Preferred Timeframe Required Language Host Organization Project Summary*
 Botswana May 1, 2017 to
August 10, 2017
English Ministry of Basic Education, Curriculum Development and Evaluation Department Proposal #DAST-17-BOTS-001

This project will comprise an evaluation of the effectiveness of curricula for students with hearing difficulties and the recommendation and demonstration of effective teaching methods and tools for this student population.

View Project Proposal


Colombia July 1, 2017 to
October 31, 2017
English Centro Colombo Americano Proposal #DAST-17-COL-002

The selected U.S. teacher will assist the Center to engage in curriculum design and teacher training activities to improve English teaching for students with learning difficulties.

View Project Proposal

India Project 1

June 15, 2017 to
July 30, 2017

Other dates possible

English Centre for Science of Student Learning (CSSL) Proposal #DAST-17-INDIA-003

The selected U.S. teacher will work with CSSL to develop curriculum, educational materials, and training sessions related to how teachers can utilize assessment strategies to address gaps in student learning.

View Project Proposal

Project 2

June 15, 2017 to
August 1, 2017

Other dates possible

English Kailash Vidyamandir School Proposal #DAST-17-INDIA-004

This project will focus on the development and delivery of English teaching pedagogy and methods workshops, development of curricula and methods, and co-teaching of English language lessons.

View Project Proposal

Mexico May 29, 2017 to
July 14, 2017

Other dates possible

English; Spanish proficiency strongly preferred Centro de Inglés de Texcoco and Secretaría de Educación Pública Merida Proposal #DAST-17-MEX-005

The purpose of the project is to take part in a multi-region assessment and training program for pre- and in-service middle school science and/or math teachers to improve teaching quality.

View Project Proposal

Palestinian Territories May 1, 2017 to
July 31, 2017
English, basic Arabic proficiency preferred but not required Palestinian Ministry of Education, Training and Supervision and Special Education Units Proposal #DAST-17-PT-006

The selected U.S. teacher will observe, train, and provide support to local teachers related to the identification of children with special needs and will support the creation of an environment that supports students’ learning needs.

View Project Proposal

South Korea June 1, 2017 to
July 15, 2017
English; basic Korean proficiency preferred but not required Jangdaehyun School Proposal #DAST-17-KOREA-007

This project involves the preparation and delivery of art, dance, music and/or afterschool English classes for secondary level North Korean defectors students.

View Project Proposal

Vietnam Project 1

May 1, 2017 to
August 12, 2017

English Huu Nghi Primary School Proposal #DAST-17-VIET-008

The U.S. teacher will train, observe, and provide feedback to teachers and school officials on effective STEM teaching strategies and methods.

View Project Proposal

Project 2

July 4, 2017 to
August 11, 2017

Other dates possible

English Lao Cai Teacher Training College Proposal #DAST-17-VIET-009

This project focuses on building capacity of pre- and in-service teachers to teach Science, Mathematics, and Information Technology in English.

View Project Proposal



February 15, 2017


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