2024 Mapping Maryland Competition

The Maryland Geographic Alliance, in collaboration with ESRI Education, is pleased to announce the Mapping Maryland, the 2024 ArcGIS Online Maryland School Competition.

This is the state-level competition where middle school (grades 4-8) and high school (grade 9-12) students can participate in creating a StoryMap based on geographic inquiry.

School representatives will submit the five best projects from their students to the Maryland Geographic Alliance. From the submissions, our expert judges will choose the top five high school teams and top five middle school teams to be awarded a $100 prize. The top high school map and middle school map from Maryland will be sent to ESRI for judging. 

Check out our website for the competition for more information!

THE CHALLENGE: Investigate a topic of your choosing. Use the tools of computer mapping (Geographic Information System) to present your topic as a StoryMap (a GIS product by ESRI).

THE REWARDS: Prizes of $100 may be awarded to up to 5 high school projects and up to 5 middle school projects. Mapping Maryland winners may enter the national competition sponsored by ESRI. Start now to learn skills much in demand in the jobs marketplace.

THE PROCESS: Identify a Maryland-focused issue, problem, or story.

· Frame the topic. Define the problem.

· Investigate the issue; gather data.

· Choose a StoryMap layout and develop the maps.

· Analyze the data using GIS; reveal the patterns and relationships.

· Add supporting narrative to complete your StoryMap.